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My 4 week emotional eating intensive workshop is designed to dive deep into ALL the reasons you reach for junk when you KNOW you’d rather be reaching for something healthy that serves you - and how to eliminate this knee jerk reaction for good!

Look love, I KNOW you’ve had this dream of having a body that feels good, that looks sexy, that’s healthy and fit… and I KNOW you’ve put in a lot of effort at times to get this dream body. 


I also KNOW that because you’re here, there’s ONE friggin thing that stops you in your tracks every time… and that is your unconscious response to certain junk foods. 


Whether it’s chocolate, or fries, potato chips or just anything with sugar in it at all - it has some kind of magical power over you where when you see it or smell it or have just had a shitty ass day, you can’t keep your fingers off of it - no matter how motivated you have been to lose fat and get healthy. 


And even though you are MORE THAN AWARE that this is a problem for you… you can’t figure out how in the world to stop yourself from going down that road for more than a couple weeks at a time. 


And the shittiest part is that it happens right when you feel like you are starting to see results too!


Well girl, I’ve created something JUST FOR YOU that will not only help you finally understand WHY you are experiencing these crazy unconscious behavior patterns, but will also give you the tools you need to finally put an end to this emotional eating crap for good!




In my 4 week End Emotional Eating Workshop, you can expect: 


a clear explanation of the MANY different reasons you unconsciously reach for junk food; thereby stopping your body composition progress in it’s tracks


to discover that emotional eating isn’t caused simply from emotional reasons - there are certain physical, mental, and even spiritual reasons why you can’t seem to put the junk down


to learn specific tools aimed at eradicating emotional eating from all the levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual


to get the exact formula for how to stop a binge once you realize you’re in one or it’s coming on


weekly lessons, insights, and exercises designed to deepen your understanding of how to have a healthy relationship with food and be the conscious decision maker over what does and doesn’t enter your body rather than an out-of-control observer 


support from me in our private facebook group, get your questions answered, celebrate your aha moments and victories, and gain a community of like-minded goddesses going through the exact same struggle as you


Getting clear on this ONE healthy eating challenge could completely change your body and life!!




If you’ve never worked with me before, then you may not know, but one of my all time favorite transformation tools I use with ALL of my clients is meditation. 


Meditation may seem intimidating at first - I know it can be a struggle simply to sit still for 5 minutes even - but once you get that first little breakthrough, you will be hooked!


If you’ve never meditated before, or if you have a daily practice, you’ll love the bonus I’ve included in my End Emotional Eating Workshop!


This guided meditation will take you through whatever emotion you are experiencing in the moment and letting it melt away so that it doesn’t interfere with your food choices anymore, plus it leaves you feeling light and powerful and happy! It’s such a powerful tool to use daily to bring more awareness and connection to your emotional body, as well as brings you back into the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing how you want to feel each day (YES, it CAN be a choice!). 


And remember, that’s just ONE of the MANY tools and resources you’ll get during this 4 week workshop!


Ready to put an end to your emotional eating and FINALLY be in charge of creating the body of your dreams?