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Are you sick and tired of feeling tired, overweight, and unmotivated to workout

and EVEN MORE completely drained from living in a body you are not in love with? 


Maybe you KNOW you’d feel SO MUCH BETTER

if you could just get yourself motivated to get to the gym,

but you just don’t feel like you have the time… and if you COULD find the time,

you wouldn’t even know what to do with yourself once you got there? 


I am so excited to share with you something I’ve put together specifically for YOU

- to not only help you get motivated to get up and get moving,

but to show you exactly what to do each day to rev up that fat loss to the max

and finally get that toned, sexy body that FEELS amazing inside and out!



Get Fit with Jenni LIVE!!

a 4 week guided workout program that will get you in shape FAST!

















Not only is this a guided program where you will have me there with you

in your workouts each day - having me tell you exactly what to do

and how hard to push yourself - but these are the EXACT workouts I use

to get in shape whenever I need to lose weight fast

and to STAY in shape and looking good year round. 


Why I LOVE this program so much and am SO excited to share with you

is because I have been asked time and time again to train women in person

- and I would absolutely LOVE to be able to connect with you all individually

on that level but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow for that….


With the Get Fit with Jenni LIVE!! program I get to be there with you each day,

pushing you to meet me for our workout, getting you to give it your all in the workout,

not to mention taking all of the guess work out of your training

- essentially you get ME as your LIVE personal trainer each day for 4 weeks

at a tiny fraction of the cost of any other personal trainer!


What You Get: 


In this program…


     We’ll go over the exact workouts I use to get fit
     You’ll get to workout with me live (or watch the replay so your workouts always fit in to your schedule)
     You’ll get amazing workouts in the comfort of your own home  - no rushing off to the gym for a class, or running outside in the hot sun or rain. All you need is some dumbbells and access to me on Facebook and you’re good to go!
     And these aren’t just any ole workouts - no way babe! These are some intense, fat torching workouts designed to get results in record time! I’m using this program myself to get back into amazing shape after taking some time off from my normal workout routine - so you’ll get to watch my body take shape right alongside yours!
     You’ll also get access to me in the group for questions, support, motivation and accountability!





Everything you need to get back into a good workout routine and get that body back on track!



If that sounds like it’s the PERFECT thing you’ve been looking for to help you finally get fit

- then you’ll be extra excited about what it’s going to take to get IN here LIVE with me…


Like I mentioned, this program was born from the desire to be able to be there

with each and every one of you, helping motivate you and push you and

give you what you need to get your fitness level up and running so you can

move towards that body you’ve been dreaming about.


So I wanted to make it super accessible,

to make this full 4 weeks FAR less than what you’d have to pay

for even ONE SINGLE in person personal training session… 


If you’re ready to meet with me LIVE for the next 4 weeks,

simply hit that button below: we start our first workout on Monday October 7th! 








I know, I know - I'm already practically giving away this program,

but I also LOVE supporting you in multiple ways whenever I get the chance,

so when you sign up for this program, not only are you getting to train LIVE with me for 4 weeks,

but you’ll also get an instant-download of my top nutritional tips for melting fat fast!


This will include all my top nutritional hacks that will get your body into fat burning mode in a quick read, easy to digest worksheet so you can be on the road to the body of your dreams in no time!











Other people who thought I was cool to work with…

in case you needed a little extra nudge :) 


“Nothing confirms your making progress as much as putting on your jeans and finding them loose!
5 pounds and inches didn’t seem like much until the jeans went on today.
Talk about feeling motivated and fierce!”
“My body is getting tighter, stronger and less sore.
I feel leaner and somehow sexier which I love!”
“I’m very happy to have your support.
Just wouldn’t be able to do this on my own”








Can I do this program if I don’t have a gym membership? 

Yep!! This program is designed for the stay at home mom, the busy boss babe,

or any woman who simply doesn't want to go to the gym to get in shape. 



What equipment do I need for this program? 

All you need is some dumbbells, access to watch videos on Facebook,

and an open space to move!


How am I going to workout with you? 

I will be going LIVE in our private Facebook group each day with that day's workout, 

if you can't watch it live you'll be able to catch whenever you have time that day!


Am I going to have time for these workouts? I’m pretty busy…

Oh, trust me, I know - that's exactly why I created this program just for you!

I love short but sweet workouts that are effective fat burning blasters!

What do you think? Ready to come join me in getting fit???